Runners are an Interesting Breed – 3 Great Stretches

RUNNERS are an interesting breed of fitness enthusiasts…a competitive group of individuals prone to taking their bodies beyond the limit. Running uses most muscles in the body but I would like to focus on the legs….quite difficult to run without them except for superhuman like Oscar Pistorius (current spot of trouble excluded)…enough waffle…(drum roll)…..

STANDING LEG UP HAMSTRING STRETCH..find a park bench or a structure about 30-40cm off the ground and put one leg on this object. Point your toes straight up and maintain a straight leg. Then slowly lean forward, bending at the hips, to attempt to touch your toes.

standing leg up hs stretch

THE KNEELING DOWN ACHILLES STRETCH will lengthenout the Soleus which is a powerhouse through your lower leg…To do this stretch kneel on one foot and rest your body on your leg. Make sure your back leg is at 90 degrees to start with. Then slowly lean forward whilst keeping your heel on the ground.

kneeling quad stretch …and last but not least (there are many more contact me if you are interested in finding out)….

KNEELING QUAD STRETCH will lengthen the four quadricep muscles as well as stretching some hip flexors. Stand kneeling from the last stretch and widen your stance a little future. Simply push forward with your hips and you should feel the stretch down the front of your leg.

kneeling heel down achilles stretch