guidelines for stretching

Always assume the stretch start position and comfortably apply the stretch as directed.

Think Yoga – gently and slowly, no ballistic actions or bouncing at joint end range.

Once you can feel the stretch is sufficient for you (generally a tension through the target muscle/s), hold the position for 15-20 seconds then gently reverse the action to release the muscle/s.

An effective stretch session will involve completing each stretch about 3 times, and making sure you stretch bilaterally (on both sides of your body equally).

Never stretch an injury, or damaged muscles, tendons, etc.

The Golden Rules of Stretching

Always warm-up prior to stretching.

Stretch before and after exercise or heavy physical activity.

Breathe slowly and easily during the stretches.

Stretch only to the point of tension – never ‘bounce’ or apply ballistic aspects to your stretches.

Stretch all major muscles, and their opposing muscles, gently and slowly.

You can download some easy guides that I have put together here.  I will be adding to this list so keep checking for your sport or visit my Facebook page at and make a request.

Easy Guides

Stretches For Cycling