Jon Bartholomeusz

November 29, 2013

The question seems to be “…can the Poms take a little bit of argy bargy on the cricket pitch?” and not whether we are are going win the Ashes….for all you wanna be cricketers, it’s time to stretch your muscles and not your exquisite vocabulary of profanities..The Arm-Up (Excluding middle finger) Rotator Stretch.

Moving on to your arms and rotator cuffs this stretch targets the muscles in the shoulder rotator cuff. It may look complicated or even painful but with the help of your cricket bat this stretch is perfect for bowlers.

You do not have to wrap your whole hand around the end of the stick/cricket bat, just your thumb and index finger. Focus on the shoulder, if you are feeling it through your wrist loosen your grip a little or try some wrist stretches. This technique can also help when throwing back a few VB’s at the club house.armuprotatorcuffstretch